Poetry Competitions

All India Poetry Competitions

The Poetry Society started organizing Poetry Competitions in 1988 in collaboration with the British Council, India. Ten All-India Poetry Competitions until 2005. Thereafter the Poetry Society organized the competitions on its own. Thousands of poets have participated in these competitions. The Poetry Society also organized poetry competitions for students. Short listed poems were published under the series POETRY INDIA. The following are the names of the award-winners:

First All India Poetry Competition-English, 1988

First prize:

Vijay Nambisan (New Delhi), for his poem MADRAS CENTRAL.

Three consolatation prizes:
  • Vivek Khadpekar (Ahmedabad), for his poem RUSTOMJEE
  • Vinayan Bhaskaran (Trivandrum), for his poem OUTSIDER
  • S. Ganapathi (New Delhi), for his poem MAKING OF A GOD
Second All India Poetry Competition-English, 1990
First prize:
Rukmini Bhaya Nair (New Delhi) for her poem Kali Mother and Me

Special Prizes:

Lokesh Deep, (Village Rehnwa, Haryana) for his poem My Sister, Mother, and Me

Vivek Khadpekar (Ahmedabad) for his poem All in a Summer's Madness

C. Raju (Bombay) for his poem My Life

S. Shiva Kumar (New Delhi) for his poem David

Third All India Poetry Competition-English, 1991

First prize:

Rajlukshmee Debee Bhattacharya (Pune) for the poem Punarnava

Special Prizes:

Hemalatha Shetty (Madras) for the poem The Archaka

Krishna Tateneni (Ohio, USA) for the poem Re-Entry

Sudeep Sen (New Delhi) for the poem New York Times

Special prize for a Young Poet:Special prize for a Young Poet:

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